Donna Jordan – Walking in Obedience: Finding Intimacy in Surrender (2022)

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Donna Jordan draws on stories from her own experience as a life-long follower of Jesus, and reluctant missionary, to encourage all of us to listen to Jesus and be led by him. We have been called to relationship with God—not “religion”—and Donna opens that rich possibility up for each of us.

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Donna Jordan trained as a Registered Nurse in Canada before joining YWAM (Youth With A Mission) with her late husband, Peter, in 1976. They helped pioneer the Kona, Hawaii base for 12 years with Loren and Darlene Cunningham, where they served in leadership and directed Discipleship Training Schools globally.

Donna's desire is to show that all of God’s children can hear and recognize His voice; that they can be led by the Spirit and have an intimate relationship with God. She loves to share this message in missionary training schools, churches, seminars and in small home groups.

Donna & Peter moved to British Columbia, Canada in 1988 to begin YWAM Associates International, a ministry that encourages the alumni, as well as, those who love YWAM, take the Kingdom of God into the spheres. They then moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in 2005 to continue the ministry of YWAM Associates International. Donna currently lives in Medicine Hat.

Donna continues teach extensively in conferences, churches, women’s retreats and Discipleship Training Schools around the world, in addition to her involvement in YWAM Associates. Since the global pandemic she has continued to teach Listening to God in a virtual setting.

Peter was the author of two books, Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home, and The Last Thing I'd Ever Do: My Family's Adventure into Faith and Missions.

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