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Integrating Discipling

Only a passionate love for Jesus will inspire others in their journey of discovering Him! Keep reading…
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Lacking social connections can be as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and worse than alcohol abuse.

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I’m struggling through this transition, even though I've been coaching newcomers & people in culture stress for 20+ yrs

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To the friends living in the colonized lands of the Salish, Mi’kmaq & Innu. This is Peter, follower of the poor Christ..

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Why, in a nation with freedom of religion, is the church not flourishing & making a significant impact on our society?

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These five transitions have proven effective for churches to make an impact as missionary sending churches.

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Upcoming Events

All welcome. Led by the 24-7 Prayer team.

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How to make a Legacy gift to a mission agency and provide for a new generation to carry on Christ's great commission

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