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Feature Article:

Pray, Give, and Go

A look at how mission has changed (or hasn't) since the 1960s. What is needed for mission to thrive today? Keep reading…
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How can faith communities better organize themselves to help create a more connected Vancouver and BC?

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Disturbing facts about the orphanage model... are causing many churches to rethink their strategy for orphan ministry.

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What we are actually planting is the Gospel and what we are harvesting is the church.

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Dr. Lockhart shared this content at an Outreach/Mission Pastors round-table discussion at Missions Fest in Oct 2018.

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This article addresses the common fears and excuses for being a disciple maker.

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What do mission and discipleship have to do with each other? Find out at Missions Fest Vancouver 2019

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Navigate the intersections; find your place; realign with God. Take Kairos!

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