We're excited to announce that Mission Fest Vancouver 2024 is happening January 24–27, 2024! We're listening intently for God's direction as we reimagine what the conference can look like... stay tuned for updates!

Mission Central is a non-profit organization that seeks to build relationships and collaboration with, and among, the people of God, via events, workshops, roundtables, and more. We are located in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada.

Mission Central's purpose is to grow missional disciples through collaboration, education, inspiration, and prayer; and to foster a sense of unity among churches, mission agencies, and other communities—unity in mission, identity, and purpose.

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A Message from Mission Central's Outgoing Board Chair

Mission Central's outgoing board chair, Antonio Sanz, shares an update and gratitude after the society's board change.Read more Read more...


Building in Love

When we put ourselves above others in the name of competition and to get ahead or to gain recognition, it is against God's design.Read more Read more...


Brotherly Love

What unites us all is our shared faith in Jesus, so we are more than kin but brothers in Spirit as well.Read more Read more...


Unity Takes Work

Unity takes work, especially when the world finds itself dealing with a pandemic, wars, economic uncertainty and political upheaval.Read more Read more...

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Our Father

Considering community and unity.Read more


December Audio Highlight

Helen Roseveare talks about preparing for the Lord as both a follower and someone being sent out to do his work.Read more Read more...


Unity in My City

When we look at a city and see all the different churches and denominations, is that a sign of disunity?Read more Read more...


United in Prayer

Jesus would have said this often as it is at the very heart of the Israelite identity and prayer life.Read more Read more...

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God’s Global Family

We get the “down payment” of our inheritance, the Spirit of God. Our unity rests on Christ and is proved by its fruit.Read more Read more...


November Audio Highlight

Gracia Burnham reflects on her year with militant Muslim abductorsRead more Read more...


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Creation wouldn’t exist apart from God. God loves his creation and takes joy in what he made.Read more Read more...

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One God

Jesus’ prayer reveals that believers have the incredible privilege to be invited into union with our God who is three in one.Read more Read more...


George Patterson (1932–2022); A Daughter’s Testimony

The mission world has lost a giant upon whose shoulders many, many of us have been lifted to see better, go further than we could otherwise have done.Read more Read more...


5 ways to pray together as a family

Prayer is one of the best ways to help your family thrive and to see each other grow in relationship with God togetherRead more Read more...