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Our Culture

Why we exist

Mission Central is the umbrella ministry of MISSION FEST Vancouver, a historical Canadian conference for global missions. Our passion is to inspire great faith and hope by releasing the supernatural life and power of Jesus in the hearts of God’s family.

We do this by...

… hosting conferences and events that strengthen relational friendships through stories, teaching, and the impartation of the Holy Spirit. We walk in relational unity with churches, mission ambassadors, and faith-based ministries.

Inspiring disciples to co-labour with Christ everywhere He leads.

The saying is true that culture is caught, not taught. The following culture is meant to center around Jesus’ heart lived out in our hearts as you represent your ministries. We hope that as people attend Mission Fest they walk into a culture of Jesus Kingdom. Please read with attentiveness to the Holy Spirit the following cultural characteristics and share a few things that resonated with you.

Our Culture

We believe we owe people an experience with someone who loves them with the Father’s affection, with someone who will practice interacting with God in front of them. We want our ambassadors, disciples of Jesus, and visitors to leave with something they didn't know they needed because they encountered Jesus.

Giving space is more important than filling space

Nothing compares to discovering the difference between what you can do and what you give Him space to do with you. Giving space begins with a posture of belief and attentiveness to what God wants to do in our time together. It doesn’t mean we’re not prepared or organized, but we’re flexible and willing to respond to His promptings.

If Missions exist to release the presence of a person—Jesus, whose work in the Gospel brings people into His family—then giving space for Him to speak and to transform is key. Throughout the book of Acts, it’s apparent that when the Holy Spirit is given space to direct and operate, the work of encounter, missions, and salvation is done with and through Him.

We value the moments when waiting is everything, without feeling the need to fill the time with content, however excellent it may be. If what we do can be done by us, then we don’t need God to show up. Our heart is truly to minister to Him; and when the presence of Jesus comes, that is our great reward.

Co-labouring is more important than calling

Following Jesus is meant to be a felt partnership of interaction and trust. The Great Commission isn’t about our going, but about it being a co-mission, a co-partnership with Him.

We’re not saying calling isn’t important, but we prefer a focus on learning to recognize and respond to a real person whose Kingdom comes where the King is. He loves the journey with you more than the journey. It’s in our culture to inspire those around us to pursue a Person whose presence is revelatory, wondrous, and ready to be released in what He’s doing. It's our hope that you leave times with us transformed to live a supernatural, co-labouring friendship with Him.

Your “yes” is more important than your position

We are with you because He is with you, not because we agree. Connecting to His empowering presence and love makes our respective positions on practice or doctrinal perspective matter less. Every story, testimony, and journey with Him is initiated with a ‘yes’—we champion your ‘yes’! We honour your history, purpose, and passion because you said yes to Him.

When we value His passions for you, it connects us to the power, perspective, and purpose that He is pursuing through all you do. It's our practice to share the testimonies of your personal encounters and journey, to release the same faith and hope for others.