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Steve Schroeder is the most hopeful person He knows. He is also the most hope-filled person everyone knows. Steve has a deep affection that flows from the Father for leaders to find courage and strength for the dreams they carry and the decisions they make. He’s a mentor and father to hundreds and hundreds of pastors and leaders who feel marked forever after being with him. He truly lives to please one person, a life lived Unto Him. He loves because He loves, just as Jesus does; no strings. When Steve steps on stage or in a room, his smile and laugh instantly release an atmosphere of heaven, hope, and what’s possible with God. I know of no leader who’s been able to bind up the broken pastor, heal the hopeless leader and launch battered disciples into new joy and purpose like this man. There’s no person on earth I would want to do ministry with more than Steve. Mission Central continues because the Father knew this man has given Him his ‘yes.’ Steve and his wife, Silvia, have four adult children and live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.”

(written by James Bonney, Mission Central)

Mission Central (Burnaby, BC) — Director

Written by Steve Schroeder


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