Jon Thompson at MFV 2024

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Jon Thompson has opened more doors for Canadian leaders to see their ministry through a Kingdom lens than anyone I know. Jon carries the culture of Jesus, the Father’s wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s clarity. Jon has walked with Jesus in environments of criticism, unbelief, and spiritual darkness with such grace, Biblical precision, and wit that testifies that Jesus was truly among them. Jon’s heart is that of Jesus’ best friend and disciple, whom it was said was leaning on Jesus’ bosom; he truly lives to move Jesus’ heart, not man’s expectations. He was the first preacher I asked to come to Mission Fest Vancouver 2024. He’s been a tremendous influence on the church of Canada, and this is just the beginning. Jon and his wife, Joanna, have three children and live in Ajax, Ontario.”

(written by James Bonney, Mission Central)

Jon was a speaker at Mission Fest Vancouver 2024.

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