In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Genesis 1:1

This year at Mission Central we are meditating on the theme of Unity. The bible begins with the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” As the first chapter progresses, our attention is then directed to God’s creation, and it’s easy to stay focused there. But let’s go back to consider God. God was, before created things. He is eternally existent. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit perfect in being, and character.

Creation wouldn’t exist apart from God. God loves his creation and takes joy in what he made. He input elements of his nature and character into his work like an artist painting themselves into a portrait. Things like order in complex and simple systems, and beauty show up in our good God’s creation. But God’s character is revealed more fully in humans – those who bear his image. He put in us the capacity for truth, justice, faithfulness, love, and unity. These are characteristics that only we share with God. Although marred by the fall these characteristics haven’t disappeared. In fact, where they flourish, they point us back to our creator as strongly as order and beauty do.

All creation, and particularly humankind, are tied together, simply and profoundly, because we are the creation of a good God. God himself is the basis of our unity.

Action: Take a moment to reflect on the perfection, beauty, and power of God. Maybe go for a walk outside and consider God’s creation, including your surroundings and the people you love. Then consider the character of a God who would create these good things.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to understand more fully my place in your creation, my relationship to other people and to you. Thank you that you love me and have made me to be an important part in your creation.

Please share our devotional series with your family and friends. We’ll be releasing new ones regularly in our lead up to the SERVE and CREATE conferences on January 27 – 29th.

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In 1997 John Hall, his wife Wei, and brother in-law started Eco Outdoor Sports in Metro Vancouver. In 2003 the business was sold, and his family entered a seven-year ‘desert experience’. During that time the Lord impressed on John and his family the importance of hearing and obeying Jesus every day, something that he tries to integrate into everything he does. In 2010 God changed the family’s direction and led him to finish his degree at Regent College in preparation for life as a full-time missionary overseas. That ministry opportunity didn’t develop as planned, as a whole new perspective and participation-in Christ’s mission was born at Missions Fest Vancouver. It’s now a daily occurrence for John’s business background and theological training to get a workout.

John served as the Executive Director at Mission Central (formerly Missions Fest Vancouver) from 2014 to April 2023.

John and Wei live in Richmond, BC. They have two wonderful adult girls. John completed his MA at Regent College in 2010.

The Tapestry Church (Richmond, BC)

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