Kevin and Julia Garratt – "(Christian) Social Entrepreneurship & Reaching the Hard Places" (2020)

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Speakers: Kevin and Julia Garratt

Organization: Nation to Nation

Seminar Description:
Kevin & Julia worked in south-east Asia (China and North Korea) for more than 30 years coming alongside nationals to respond to critical community needs with creative social enterprise business solutions (and aid) in places that were considered hard to reach. Birthed in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, they established sustainable businesses, built teams that developed the businesses, and provided discipleship training, coaching and mentoring, encouraging them to start their own ventures and engage as volunteers in local marginalized communities. Listening to God, reasonable risk, perseverance, training, friendship and discipleship is the core of this model. No matter how hard the place it can be done.

Speakers’ Biographies:
Julia & Kevin Garratt have thirty years of overseas non-profit Christian global work experience in aid, community development, young leader equipping and mentoring and Christian social enterprise.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting

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