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Celebrating Our Story

Mission Central is celebrating God's faithfulness to this ministry and the countless connections made possible by our conferences. For nearly 40 years we have seen Christians gather – united around a common interest in Jesus’ mission, with a heart for the gospel, and for the world. A tremendous variety of missions organizations, churches, ministries, and schools have been represented, with thousands of volunteers being involved over the years.

During the fall season of 2022, we spent time intentionally celebrating how God has worked through the conference and through Missions Fest Vancouver, now Mission Central. We published some memories here, including collections of photos from conferences past. We also created a timeline with some pieces of our history and how the conference—and even the practice of missions—has changed since 1984.

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Send Us Your Mission Central Stories

We know that Mission Central and Missions Fest Vancouver events have impacted many thousands over the years. We'd love to know your story, too! Read more Read more...



Navigate through an interactive timeline of some of the highlights of our history, and of how the church's perspectives on missions have shifted. Read more Read more...