May's Audio Highlight Ben Woodman shares the heart of what it means to know God

The May audio highlight is no longer available for listening here, but can be purchased on our store, along with many other sessions from the SERVE 2021 conference!

Ben Woodman from Youth Alpha shares what it means to abide in God, know him and experience Him in a tangible way for ourselves. He provides some helpful prayers times, inviting you to experience God for yourself.

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Audio Recordings

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Audio Recordings

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About the author

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Ben Woodman is one of the hosts of the Alpha Youth Series. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Melissa. He worked as a youth pastor for ten years before joining the team at Alpha Canada. These days you can find him speaking at different events and churches online and making videos to help kids and families connect around fun and faith. Find him on Instagram to see more @benwoodman.

Ben was the Youth Rally speaker at the SERVE 2021 conference.

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