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We'd like to thank everyone who has partnered with us by giving to the Missional Innovation Campaign. Your gift is a signal that you share in our passion to see the body of Christ grow in their missional vision and passion. While the official campaign has reached an end, we would welcome your support to nurture Mission Central's essential ministry.

Mission Central has proven itself to be an important ingredient in the growth and development of transformative Kingdom activity. We have produced articles with theological depth, stories, interviews, panel discussions, courses, festivals, conferences and more. (Also see: Conference Wrap-up)

In an act of faith Mission Central took the legacy of Missions Fest Vancouver and expanded on it. We looked ahead, identified the missional challenges the Church in the West is facing and catalyzed interactions to spark transformation—transformation in the church and in the world around us.

But…we’ve been doing most of the work off the side of our desks. In other words, there are no allocated resources for the expanded work of Mission Central, human or financial.

With COVID-19 things have changed for the Church once again, and in the midst of it Mission Central is committed to ongoing Kingdom transformation. We want to see Jesus glorified in every sphere of society and every nation of the world by missional disciples like you.

Would you become our partner in building Jesus' Kingdom vision?

About the Missional Innovation Campaign

In this calendar year we would like to raise $100,000 above our regular donations through the Missional Innovation Campaign.1

Key Areas Needing Support
Key Areas Needing Support

How can you help?

  1. If you are already a financial supporter of this Kingdom work, please prayerfully consider how you can give above your regular gift.
  2. If you have never given before, please pray and ask if the Lord is saying that now is the time.
  3. Share this campaign with your friends and invite them to get involved.

We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us! Stay tuned for updates and stories on the progress of this campaign and the advance of Jesus’ Kingdom around the world.


November's Missional Innovation Goal

Help us reach more people by supporting November's goal with a financial gift.Read more Read more...

Campaign Progress


Events & More

As part of our fundraising efforts this year, we will be hosting events, setting donation challenges, and more! Watch this space for more details...

December Matching Campaign

We were excited by the results of our "Giving Tuesday" matching campaign, and we're equally delighted to announce that our generous donors are continuing to match donations until the end of December. Donate today to double the impact of your end-of-year gift!

Donate to the Missional Innovation Campaign

If you would like to give now you can send a cheque to Mission Central, e-transfer to office@missioncentral.ca or donate using the form below. Add a note "Missional Innovation Campaign" if your gift is specifically for this campaign.


Previous Monthly Fundraising Goals

Here are our previous monthly goals—perhaps one of them will spark your excitement!


May's Missional Innovation Goal

During May our fundraising focus is a Youth Ambassador Program to inspire a passion for the Great Commission among younger believers.Read more Read more...


June's Missional Innovation Goal

During June our fundraising focus is getting the equipment to help us to tell good stories.Read more Read more...


July's Missional Innovation Goal

During July our fundraising focus is funding new computers to help us to tell good stories.Read more Read more...


August's Missional Innovation Goal

During August our fundraising focus is on upgrading our websites to serve you better.Read more Read more...

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September's Missional Innovation Goal

Help us reach more people by supporting September's goal of creating new, meaningful, and dynamic content, with your financial gift.Read more Read more...

A person is sitting at a table, typing on a grey laptop. They are wearing a yellow knit sweater and wearing a chunky bracelet.
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

October's Missional Innovation Goal

Help us reach more people by supporting October's goal of hiring a new staff member, with your financial gift.Read more Read more...


  1. Note on our Budget: Our budgeted goal for the 2021–22 fiscal year for donations is $65,000. The funds given to the Missional Innovation Campaign build on our budgeted goal. In other words, we hope to raise a total of $165,000 through donations. Gifts to the Missional Innovation Campaign are considered unrestricted funds. The monthly targets hopefully communicate some of our greatest needs and aspirations as an organization. [back]

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