Richard Snyder – Heart-Level Discipleship: How-To (2019)

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Speaker: Richard Snyder

Organization: Malachi Man Ministries

Seminar Description:
Everything flows from the heart (Luke 6:45). If not openly evaluating motives (fears, temptations, desires etc.), we’re not even close to authentic discipleship. Jesus’ approach included repentance, truth, tests, discernment, and heart revealing questions that beg a response. All bringing freedom.

Speaker's Biography:
Richard Snyder; BE, MA. Founder of Malachi Man. Encourages and equips heart-level discipleship; first inside the home then outside. Experiences: carpenter, engineer, Masters in Leadership, youth pastor, YFC, father of 9, excellent communicator, lover of Jesus. His DVD trailers:

Concentration: Gospel Proclamation

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