SERVE 2022 Conference Highlights

A message from our ED:

Thank you for participating in SERVE 2022. This is a community event on a grand scale. With over 40 agencies and 40 seminars and hundreds of guests at the conference, it was a rich experience. We have been blessed by insightful and challenging stories and teaching on how God is impacting the nations through his people.

We know that the virtual platform is hard for some people to engage through, but we know that God was still at work, speaking to people about deeper lives of faith. We are especially grateful to our plenary speakers who shared so powerfully on our theme of hearing and obeying. The Intercessory Prayer and Healing Room Prayer were also special times of encountering our living God, may they inspire our practice of prayer all year long.

For those that missed the live sessions on the conference weekend there is still an opportunity to go back and review the sessions until February 28th.

It was our privilege to serve you through SERVE. May you be richly blessed.

John Hall, Executive Director

As this year’s SERVE conference has come and gone, it was such a delight to gather (even if it was online once again). Christians are called to be the missional people of God, and SERVE gave us a chance to learn, to grow, encourage, and pray for The Church together. The beauty of a virtual conference is the opportunity to welcome people from all over the world, with this year’s conference was attended by people from: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Kenya, Philippines, Turkey, Australia and Mexico!

The SERVE Conference Weekend saw:

  • Over 34K views on our online platform with Accelevents
  • Average of 30 attendees per seminar session
  • Over 7k exhibitor booths viewed
  • Our main session page, lobby page, and stage pages gathered over 5K, 4.5K, and 4K viewers respectively
  • 3.7 out of 5 say that they felt more inspired to live missionally by attending SERVE

While the conference is over, our attendee engagement continues. Since attendees can access our platform and all its content until February 28th, we’ve seen so far:

  • Over 2.5K of additional viewer engagement
  • Additional communities from Japan and Singapore

What attendees are saying about the seminars:

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"I've had a heart for supporting missionaries for a long time, but when I heard more about the extent and complexity of their struggles I cried. I know it's real and there are very few people they can talk to safely when some of the most difficult things happen. This seminar radically changes how I think about my own involvement with them."

— Attendee at Supporting from Afar: Things Missionaries Wish You Knew But Will Never Tell You
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Human Trafficking is an international issue. Christian mission organizations must be knowledgeable and diplomatic with governmental officials in order to save human lives.

— Attendee at Human Trafficking in Cambodia – Unexpected Partnerships by Brian McConaghy
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Hearing God's voice led to a time of ministry in my household.

— Attendee at Listening to God by Donna Jordan

What attendees are saying about SERVE 2022:

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Great virtual platform with so many features that make it very engaging. And high-quality speakers/people at general sessions, seminars, and 'missions booths'. Please keep this virtual format going even when we are back in person. It opens it up to many more people and keeps the conference alive 24/7.

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Timely seminars, excellent speakers who shared the message with conviction. The virtual conference allowed people from different countries to participate. I used to attend Missionsfest at PanPacific Hotel. For the last two years, I have been able to attend virtually from Lethbridge, Alberta. Thank you.

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I really felt the presence of the Lord when the worship preceded the first general session. That was a very good start. Every platform I was able to get on was edifying. The Staff were very helpful . Mission Fest was a time of festivity and refreshing in our relationship with the Lord . There is always something new to learn. I know anyone I invite will be uplifted in their Love and devotion to the Lord

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Thank you for the work put into SERVE - and the work involved in doing so virtually. I felt this year that there was a good deal of focus on disciple-making, which is something that all Christians can do - not just those called to career missions/ I guess it felt more inclusive and broadly applicable. Appreciated the worship team. Appreciated the extra ways to network and connect, although they took me outside of my comfort zone.

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The ability to drop in on seminars and general sessions and to go back to review them is a godsend.

What agencies are saying about SERVE:

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Signs of the Holy Spirit's movement: meaningful worship times, workshops on discipleship (seemed like a heavy focus on this, which leads me to believe this is a growing movement). Also, it's always encouraging to me to meet folks I don't know who are on mission. Thanks to the Mission Central team for the work you all put into this event!

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I really appreciated the worship music and them leading us to focus on Jesus. I especially appreciated that the seminars are still available for a month after to be able to watch others.

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Thank you all at Mission Central for your careful and diligent work! We deeply appreciate your commitment to the cause of Christ in the world and your service to us. We all had opportunity to see Jesus in you, and I believe the Spirit was moving in your team. Spassibo bolshoi! Vielen herzlichen Dank! Muchas gracias!

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That was quite an amazing weekend for the Be Amazing Campaign team and booth. The online platform for us works because we can include interviewees from around the world, and our team is from all over as well. We were able to pre-record some of the interviews as well. With Covid, having the virtual platform worked well for Be Amazing; I was fortunate to have technical young people help me. The most successful piece for us; was the SEMINAR opportunity. I think we reached more people in that single session.

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