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Richard Dodding from Missions Fest International writes about some of the challenges that other mission conferences around the world face.

It is possible that you may know very little about the Missions Fest events that take place outside of Canada. Each is unique; each has it own story. Each has its own circumstances that need prayer. May I share a little about some of these cities?

Our nearest neighbour, Seattle, holds an annual Missions Fest every October. Their leader, Paul Blauert, one of their founders, is also on our MF International Board. They are eager to have more churches in the Seattle area become actively involved in their Missions Fest. They would welcome our prayers.

At this very moment, Missions Fest Kinshasa is being held in their city of over 9 million people. Rev. Jean Beya, Missions Fest International’s Africa Representative, has been one of their speakers. While in the country, Pastor Beya will visit other cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where Missions Fest has been held, such as Boma, the original capital and Lubumbashi, where the first Mission Fest took place in Africa in 2006. He may be able to visit Mbuji Mayi in central DRC to encourage their current interest in holding their first Missions Fest. Actually Missions Fest leaders in the DRC do this work at their own risk. Since the beginning, two leaders have been poisoned; one died and the other was rescued.

Across the Congo River. is Brazzaville, the capital of The Congo Republic, where we had Missions Fest Brazzaville a few years ago. Pastor Jean plans to encourage them to hold a second festival.

In the central highlands of Cameroon sits Yaoundé, the capital. They have had six Missions Fest conferences and David is their leader. His team is preparing for November. He told me recently on a whatsapp call, that the Boko Haram are infiltrating their country and many are being killed. As you can imagine, it is an ongoing concern needing our prayers.

In eastern Zambia is the provincial capital of Chipata. Being close to the border of Malawi it is becoming an entrance way for Muslim migration. During Missions Fest Chipata each year, seminars are held giving instruction about how to reach out to the Muslim people and point them to Jesus. During their last Missions Fest, church leaders from Harare, Zimbabwe and Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, came to see their conference in action and meet with Pastor Beya to inquire about beginning steps in forming a Planning Team in their own cities.

A couple of years ago, when I visited the Operation Mobilization exhibit at Missions Fest Vancouver , I met Africans who were hosting their booth. One was from Ghana. He was so impressed with what he saw happening, he contacted Tony and Nkeiru in Enugu, Nigeria, who in turn contacted me. They immediately began contacting church leaders in their city and before the end of the year, became registered and held their first Missions Fest Enugu. Now they are preparing their third conference.

Other cities in Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya and Ukraine are currently making plans to open their first Missions Fest in the near future. Thanks be to God for those who have the vision of the Great Commission.

As our organizations work alongside each other, I am trusting that you will be encouraged to know that others around the world labour as you do, and that you are not alone in this task. Really, you are part of an ever-growing family who have a heart for the spiritually lost in a world desperately needing Jesus.

We pray that God will continue to give you insight and provide for your needs.

Thank you, again, for meeting with us as we will hold you in our prayers.

For the Gospel,
Richard Dodding
Missions Fest International

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