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This event has already ended.

As we call people to follow Jesus on his mission, we at Mission Central are deeply appreciative of the faithful support and encouragement of the agencies, churches and individuals that have partnered with us through the years.

COVID has been a wake-up call for the body of Christ in Canada. We probably all have a desire to resume life the way it was, but realistically that isn’t going to happen. Looking ahead, the team at Mission Central believe the future holds incredible opportunities if we are bold enough to trust Jesus and follow him faithfully. Now is the time for the people of God to live Jesus’ mission and follow him into the world. Our prayer is that discipleship and mission become integrated in God’s children’s lives, that our nation and the world experience reconciliation, love and healing like never before.

Earlier in the summer we began to explore whether Mission Central SERVE could be held in-person as BC progressed through the phased re-opening plan. We outlined six conditions that needed to be met so that we could proceed with confidence. Unfortunately, only two of the six conditions were fully met.

In our process of discernment, we believe that the Spirit is leading us to make SERVE a virtual conference again this year. Last year, we were excited to see approximately two thousand attendees from over 70 nations and 99 agencies join together as a community. Many lives were impacted through the teaching and stories that were shared as well as through the in-depth information available on the agency sponsorship/exhibitor pages. Opportunities for collaboration emerged from our time together and Jesus was glorified through the unity of his people.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work with a new platform for SERVE 2022. Our theme this year is "Hearing and Obeying"—an essential topic at a critical time. Your participation in this important event is valued and appreciated.

We love being together and will continue to plan to hold CREATE and GROW as in-person events, along with seminars and smaller gatherings. More details about SERVE will be coming soon.


John Hall, Executive Director

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