2021 Mission Central Conference - GROW

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Grow self-awareness. Grow community awareness. Grow your sense of purpose.


The GROW stream at the Mission Central Conference is not like most conferences. You will be challenged by leaders from around the globe; experts we can all learn from. This year our focus is on prayer. Our General Sessions will be led by Lisa Koons, US National Director of 24/7 Prayer. Lisa has a special passion for integrating prayer, justice and mission.

Lisa will also be speaking at SERVE on January 30th at 2pm.

When you register for GROW you will be asked to self-select a broad vocational community. In these groups we'll guide conversations to tackle some of the biggest challenges around the integration of life and faith today. Our hope is that these conversations will continue through the year. Building momentum over time is a key to experiencing transformation in every sphere of society, so that the world knows Jesus’ love.

Cost: $20

For information about sponsorship opportunities contact the Manager of Agency Collaboration at agencies@missioncentral.ca.

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