Update on Name Change

On September 7, 2019 members of the Missions Festival (Missions Fest) Society - commonly called Missions Fest Vancouver - met together to vote to change the name to Mission Central Christian Society. The special resolution was passed, and we will be entering a period of transition in our communications and banking. Cheques can be made out to Missions Fest or Mission Central.

Missions Fest Vancouver started as a conference with an emphasis on global mission. Over its 36-year history it has grown to be one of the largest annual mission conferences in North America. However, as our Canadian social fabric has changed, the conference has changed, with seminars, speakers and exhibitors oriented to help all Christians take their place in Christ’s mission globally and locally. Historically Missions Fest has offered year-round activities as well, so that isn’t new. However, Mission Central goes further by deepening the work started at Missions Fest by bringing in more voices to speak to the theology, culture and community of mission as it relates to all believers. It is also a broadening; particularly as we feel there is a need for a permanent hub, a focal point, that reflects the cultural shift to on-demand information and connection.

Mission Central has three main elements: resources, events, and networks, with the goal of helping us all grow as missional disciples. Wherever possible we model unity and collaboration. This has led to great events like the “Understanding Mental Health and Trauma” course co-presented with Outreach Canada, “Minding the Gaps” with More Network, and most recently the “Jesus at Work” potluck with SIM.  While Missions Fest has changed and continues to be a dynamic event, we feel that a ministry with the emphasis of mission all the time, anywhere, is better represented under the banner Mission Central.

In 2020 our annual discipleship and mission conference will still be called Missions Fest Vancouver. However, we will be developing a new conference name for 2021. In the future you may expect to see the conference and other events prefaced by “Mission Central presents”.   

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact John Hall at jhall@missioncentral.ca


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