Sandra Ryan – "Migration and Mission - God at work in the global movement of people" (2020)

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Speaker: Sandra Ryan

Organization: The People's Church

Seminar Description:
Any global perspective on mission will see that the people of the world are on the move and Emmanuel God is in their midst. Together we explore how God is at work through global migration, both throughout history and in our present politically charged immigration reality. We also discuss some very practical and effective ways the Church can, and must, strategically journey with people to make migration ministries fruitful.

Speaker's Biography:
Sandra Ryan is the Director for Global Mission at The Peoples Church, Toronto. Previous to this ministry, she served for twenty-three years as an officer in The Salvation Army. Her first ministry appointment was in a First Nations village in Northern British Columbia where she experienced the strength and beauty of real community. In 1991 she was appointed as part of a six-person team to restart the work of The Salvation Army in the former Soviet Union. Along with committed Russian team members she started community-based churches in Russia for nine years before returning to Canada in 2000. Back in Toronto, she had the privilege of living and ministering in the gateway community of Regent Park for 12 years during the challenge and opportunity of neighbourhood revitalization. Presently, Sandra oversees the local and global outreach for The Peoples Church Toronto. In this role she has the privilege of leading her international congregation to be gospel-centered, globally-engaged followers of Jesus.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting

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