Heart for Asia Youth Celebration: Living For Impact

Event date & times
Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church
7474 Culloden Street
Vancouver, BC

This event has already ended.

Jesus said that whoever believes in him will do even greater things than he did.

How can that be? When we join his amazing work of changing lives and changing the the world! Join Living for Impact and discover how you can become part of God’s good news, ultimate impact story.

What’s happening at this Heart for Asia Event?

  • Music, worship and celebration with PacLife Worship!
  • Stories of service, God's call, and love for the people of East Asia
  • Asian culture, fun, and opportunities to be involved
  • Living with impact - why Jesus' love makes all the difference in the world

Who should attend Living for Impact?

  • High school students
  • University and college students
  • Young people in the workplace
  • Church and student ministry groups
  • Youth and student leaders
  • Others interested in youth and mission – the young at heart!

In consideration of one another, masks are recommended.

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