Mission Central GROW

Mission Central GROW

Event date & times
Nelson Avenue Community Church
5825 Nelson Ave
Burnaby, BC

This event has already ended.

GROW: a gathering of young adults who are seeking to be passionate missional followers of Jesus. We want you to experience a sense of purpose and calling like you've never experienced before in your walk with Christ.

GROW will take place in-person, Saturday April 2, 2022 at Nelson Avenue Community Church, Burnaby.

Tickets are $10.

The Format

This year there will be two panel discussions on two topics - unity and social justice. The panels will feature enthusiastic, passionate and recognized leaders who will share their insights into the topics, how we can align with the Kingdom, and how, we as disciples of Jesus, are can live into them well. Following the panel there will be a Q&A and small group discussion.

1. Should Christians be concerned about social justice (ie. reconciliation, preventing sexual exploitation)? Why? How might we be contributing to social injustice?

2. Is unity in the church possible? What does it look like? What's the core truth of unity and how do we deal with difficult or polarized opinions?

See details on our panelists: Click Here

What's special about GROW?

GROW helps you grow as a missional follower of Jesus, helps you grow in your purpose and calling, and grow in community.

To encourage community, we group people in affinity groups that are oriented to vocation, or spheres of influence. The main groups are:

  • Family
  • Business (this group is broad and may include plumbers and stock traders)
  • Media
  • Arts
  • Healthcare
  • Law and Government
  • Religion
  • Science, Engineering, Math
  • IT
  • University/College Students
  • Education
  • Other (Folks who are part of the Gig economy, trades, service industry)

What will you get out of GROW?

GROW is a third space where deep topics are explored and thought-provoking conversations happen among peers. Gain practical tools and resources to live out your faith and integrate spiritual formation into the rhythms of your life.

Better yet, you'll get a chance to network, share your insights and experiences, and commune with other Christian young adults from many different churches and diverse backgrounds .

Invite your friends and we will see you there!

View complete details for GROW on our conference website →
View complete details for GROW on our conference website →

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