Jesus on Mission: Come and Surrender

Event date & times
Calvary Worship Centre
11125 124 St
Surrey, BC

This event has already ended.

So much gets in the way of the Christian life. Believers strive to follow Christ in His mission, but face major obstacles, both internal and external. How do we overcome these obstacles? Why struggle against the pull of the world and our cultural norms? How do we put Jesus above our desires for comfort, safety, affirmation or meeting family expectations? Come and be reminded of Jesus' invitation to follow Him and to surrender our gifts, our skills, our everything to God. Because Jesus is worth everything.


  • Dr. Joshua and Dr. Joanna Bogunjoko, SIM International Director, medical missionaries from Nigeria
  • 'G', National Ministry Partner of SIM Canada, bringing Christ to Afar people in Ethiopia
  • John Denbok, SIM Canada Executive Director


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