Project Sword Launch

Event date & times
Toronto Police Service Headquarters
40 College Street
Toronto, ON

This event has already ended.

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – Canada (FCPO) is very concerned with the suicide rate of police officers.

On July 3rd at Toronto Police Service (TPS) headquarters, the FCPO will launch a new project in an effort to give hope and help to peace officers managing the unique demands and rigors of the job.

FCPO will be distributing free copies of Peacemakers, a pocket-sized book that contains books of the Christian bible, to Canadian peace officers. The book, which includes the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, is designed to appeal to people working in law enforcement. It includes pages of personal stories written by police officers and chaplains, with topics such as: suicide; substance abuse; and, helping police families deal with stress.

For more information, please visit the Blue Line magazine website.

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