Unity in Mission Recap

A short recap, notes, and recordings.

On January 29 & 30 over 65 leaders from the 4 A's gathered to discuss how we might experience unity in Christ's mission. Over the course of our time together it became evident that God was knitting our hearts together. The content was good, but in the end it's nothing without the work of the Spirit in us and in our spheres of influence. 

John Pellowe began our time together with a background of the relationship between church and agency. Anthony Brown gave a wonderful reflection on Philippians 2:5. Then Glenn Smith gave a great overview of some of our socio/cultural challenges and opportunities. 

We were blessed with excellent insights from our panelists and those who shared their experiences for our case studies. Thank you.

On the Thursday we heard a bit about Our Common Calling. Could I encourage each of you to visit the link and nominate yourselves for the event which runs on October 26-28 in Toronto: https://www.ourcommoncalling.ca/nominations

We hope to have the recordings of the sessions up on this page shortly. Please visit again. 

If anyone would like the contact information of attendees for personal use please contact John Hall - jhall@missioncentral.ca

Phil Wagler's Notes

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