Whims, McDonald, Shellborn, Laarz – Sharing the Gospel and Our Testimony (2021)

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Speaker: Travis Whims, Eugene McDonald, Jason Shellborn, Sandra Laarz

Organization: Discipleship International

Seminar Description:
When thinking of sharing the gospel corporately, we need to look no further than the Apostle Paul sharing his testimony and the Gospel to King Agrippa. In this one testimony, Paul integrated the Gospel into his testimony. How can we do likewise?

Speakers' Biographies:
Travis and his wife Jennifer have 5 children and started full-time in 2004 leading Equip to Serve discipleship groups in the Lower Mainland. Eugene and his wife Lynn started in 2014 after both being discipled. Both couples serve overseas in Kenya and East Asia helping to disciple the local churches.

Concentration: Gospel Proclamation

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