Lorna Dueck – "Navigating the Frontier of our Christian Witness" (2012)

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We would like to extend this complimentary recording to you to celebrate the incredible career of Lorna Dueck, who retired in April 2020.

In Navigating the Frontier Lorna reminds us of our great calling as Christians, to share the good news, and addresses how that calling is frustrated in our Canadian context. As a culture watcher Lorna presents a cultural exegesis identifying three giant challenges that Christians must be aware of in order to have a revitalized witness.

Lorna—a Missions Fest Keynote Speaker in 2012—was Executive Producer and host of “Context Beyond the Headlines”, a weekly television series exploring news and current affairs from a Christian perspective. She has also been CEO of Crossroads Christian Communications since 2016.

Lorna’s call to missions came when, in 1998, she searched the media and found no Christian voice that reflected the truth of the Gospel in the telling of current affairs. She started Listen Up TV to be that voice. The show’s title later changed to “Context Beyond the Headlines with Lorna Dueck”, to reflect its focus on how the teachings of Jesus fit into the context of our lives today.

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