Gwen Lam – "From Surrendering to Becoming while Aging Purposefully" (2020)

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Speaker: Gwen Lam

Organization: Baptist Housing

Seminar Description:
Who am I? What is the purpose of life, especially in my "golden" senior years? God continues to call older adults and the elderly to partner in His mission. Even when our bodies fail and our hairs turn gray, God's calling redefines usefulness and value in human life and His relationship with us.

Speaker's Biography:
Gwen has been a long-term care home chaplain with Baptist Housing for 7 years. Before spiritual care ministry, she was pastor for 17 years. Gwen is an ordained minister and have engaged in missions to Japan and Taiwan. She is currently a student of the DMin program at ACTS Seminaries.

Concentration: Preparing for and Supporting Mission

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