Conversations With... Wanda Fost — "Connecting Rest and Generosity"

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What is the connection between resting in Christ and God’s provision? Does your desire to give take you into a place of busyness and striving? Does your striving leave you wondering how big your God is? Listen in to a conversation between Wanda Fost and Mission Central's John Hall as we dig into issue of faith, time, provision and generosity.

Who is Wanda Fost?

Wanda has devoted her life to help men and women become restored, equipped, and empowered to reach their destiny. She has helped to develop support networks for the people of Northern Canada who have suffered abuse, rape, suicide, and alcohol and drug addiction. She travels extensively as a conference speaker both nationally and internationally. She is a faith builder, a joy giver, a prayer warrior and is passionate in her desire to touch a hurting world with God’s truth. She is also one of the contributors to the recently released book, Draw Near to Hear (Aglow Canada).

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