Mission Central Fundraiser

Event date & times
Continental Seafood Restaurant
11700 Cambie Rd.
Richmond, BC

This event has already ended.

Mission Central Fundraiser 2022

The pandemic has managed to divide our world, disconnect leaders, and fragment the church. Let's come together at the Mission Central fundraiser with a goal to impact the generations to come.

Just as King David invested in supplies for the temple that Solomon would build, Mission Central is investing in raising up a new generation who will see the world impacted with the Gospel.

On December 1st, Mission Central will be hosting our 2022 fundraiser. The money we raise will be invested for the sake of the harvest and will impact the future of the Church. Join us and prepare a generous donation to help make that possible. An offering will be taken at the banquet.


Tickets are $60 per person. Table for 10 - $600.
The cost of the ticket covers food, soft drink, taxes, and gratuities.

Guests are welcome to arrive at 6:30pm to mingle. Dinner will begin at 7pm.

During the evening we'll hear testimonies of the impact of Mission Central in people's lives. Michael Morrelli will also be joining us to share a bit about the exciting future of Mission Central.

Equipping the Generations to Come

Our sacrificial giving in this moment is so important! Every year thousands of people are encouraged and challenged to participate in Jesus’ mission through the work of Mission Central. Join us to hear about the exciting plans for the SERVE and CREATE conferences in January, and the expansion of the ministry through the launch of Xpanded Kingdom (XK).

If we desire to see the transformation in the world that we dream of, then now is the time to work together for that future. The generations of future believers depend on our faithfulness right now.

Be sure to invite your friends!

Online Donations

Online donations are also gladly accepted, and they're a great way to support Mission Central if you aren't able to join us on December 1st, or if you don't live in the area. Please consider a generous donation to Mission Central.

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