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Being a disciple and discipling others must take place outside of the four walls of the institutional church. How do we create a discipleship movement that moves beyond addition to multiplication? What about Sunday-centric activities of many of our local churches?

Join us as we explore how to have agile discipleship in the 21st century.

Who is Allen Chang?

Allen Chang was born and raised in east Vancouver where he nurtured his mischievous spirit. Allen distinctly remembers coming to know Jesus at the age of 8; however, it wasn’t until after university, through a crisis of faith, that he began to follow Christ deeply. In 2005, with a desire to be equipped, Allen left his engineering career to attend Talbot School of Theology in Southern California. Through this time, God shaped a desire in him for disciple-making and pastoral ministry in the local church. Upon returning to Vancouver, he served as a pastor at his home church for almost nine years.

In 2015, through a series of God-given events, Allen received a new calling. Deeply influenced by the disciple-making movements of the last 30 years and in partnership with the Lower Pacific District of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada, the Steveston Project was birthed which desires to see lives, communities, and cities transformed by the love of Jesus through a network of simple, multiplying micro churches. God has been blessing us in this journey and we’re seeing lives transformed as various groups have formed. We continually learn that we can live faithfully to and fruitfully in Jesus by listening and obeying at all costs and investing in others who desire to do the same.

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