Six Ways to Reach God's World

Event date & times
Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
5110 Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC

This event has already ended.

About this Event

God is at work throughout the world and is inviting us to join him. But where to start if we want to go? If we don’t go ourselves, how can we be involved?

Learn–Pray–Mobilize–Send–Go–Welcome. In Six Ways to Reach God’s World, you’ll meet people serving in East Asia and global ministry practitioners doing it right here in their local churches. Hear their stories, bring your questions and expect God to show you new ways to be part of Jesus’ Great Commission.

What’s happening at the Six Ways conference?

  • Music, praise and worship
  • God at Work: Stories and testimonies of people serving in East Asia
  • Workshops on each of the Six Ways to Reach God’s World (Learn, Pray, Mobilize, Send, Go and Welcome) by experienced practitioners. Includes discussion, practical examples and opportunities for further engagement
  • Global Kids – a fun and educational children’s program to be provisionally offered on reaching a minimum of 15 child registrations (choose “Global Kids” ticket option)
  • Lunch and snacks included

Who should attend?

  • University, college and seminary students
  • Church leaders, missions pastors and missions committees
  • Church and student ministry groups
  • Believers of any age interested in serving cross-culturally
  • Anyone interested in serving and supporting missions from home
  • Anyone interested in learning more about missions

Brought to you by

OMF International, a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia, serving the church and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness.

Mission Central, joining the church together in Christ's mission.

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