Praying Matthew 28:18,19

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Join us every Wednesday to pray for 1/2 hour at 12pm (Pacific time). We'll be praying through the lens of Matthew 28:18,19, commonly known as "The Great Commission".

Every week will be different, as leaders change and our topics change. Some of the things we may touch on are:

  • Praise and adoration for who God is and his work in the world
  • Personal growth as a disciple
  • Intercession for mature disciples to take their place in the body of Christ
  • Intercession for our churches to be effective communities of love
  • Intercession for all Christians to live a life of obedience born out of love

This meeting will be held on Zoom. Please come prepared to participate.

Zoom Link:

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In prayer, real prayer, we begin to think God’s thoughts after him: to desire the things he desires, to love the things he loves, to will the things he wills.

Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

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