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When churches and agencies, agencies and individuals, or churches and churches connect, something powerful happens. We begin to get a clearer sense of our big God’s activity in the world.

We are inspired to dream. Collaboration happens. Networks form. Isolation is broken and unity flourishes. God’s kingdom is revealed. Suddenly, mission and discipleship are connected, as people set out on adventures with others who share their God-given passion and commitment to Jesus.

Partner with us so we can see the kingdom flourish and God's message reach even further during such an unprecedented time.

Pledge your birthday fundraiser on Facebook and help our projects come to fruition. More stories, more creativity and collaboration for our city and nation.

See what project your birthday fundraiser may support!

AUGUST 2020: conference videos

SEPTEMBER 2020: missional conversations
e.g. consumerism, materialism, sexuality

OCTOBER 2020: pastors appreciation
e.g. pastors roundtable breakfast

NOVEMBER 2020: partnering with missional leaders

DECEMBER 2020: giving to Mission Central's vision

JANUARY 2021: social networking platform for Grow1

FEBRUARY 2021: developing missional networks (retreats)

MARCH 2021: scholarships
e.g. short-term missions trips

APRIL 2021: supporting creativity in the church: funding for Create2

MAY 2021: missional education
e.g. seminars throughout the year

JUNE 2021: collaboration in the Church
e.g. Unity in Mission, Grow in Life

JULY 2021: support missional mentors

Pledge Your Birthday Today

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We feel an urgency to increase the scope and impact of our ministry. We'd like to see our churches full of missional disciples. This would not only change Canada but would have a global impact as Canadian Christians take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

This is going to be a challenging year financially. Would you make a gift to Mission Central at this time. Funds raised through birthday fundraisers may be used for general expenses.


  1. GROW is the discipleship stream for our upcoming Mission Central Conference 2021. Participants will be organized according to broad vocational communities. Senior mentors will then guide conversations tackling some of the biggest challenges around the integration of life and faith today. Our hope is that these conversations will continue throughout the year and build over time until every sphere of society is impacted by the love of Jesus. [back]
  2. CREATE is the creative stream for our upcoming Mission Central Conference 2021. The stream focuses on nurturing and inspiring Christian artists and building an artistic community. We believe that art influences culture. We also believe that Jesus influences the artist. When these two things intersect, they’re transformative. [back]

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