Annual Reports

The reports on this page are confidential. Only members of the Missions Festival Society should access this page.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee

Lydia Nigh

Lydia's primary ministry is discipleship and mentoring, helping people build godly relationships and healthy churches. My vision is for people to respond to God’s call to make disciples of all nations, both locally and globally. She currently serves with SIM and with Family Life Canada.

Candidates for the Board

Renee Stephens

Renee on right
Renee on right

Renee attends Westwood Community Church where she serves on their mission committee. She has been involved in mission trips to Africa and India, and has been a director of the Healing Rooms. Renee works for Vancouver Coastal Health where she is an Administrative Supervisor, working in the Early Psychosis Intervention and the VCH Eating Disorders Program. In 2018 she won the People First Unsung Hero Award of Merit from VCH.

Vic Friesen

Vic attends Christian Life Assembly where he has served as an elder and on the missions committee with a particular focus on Africa and India. Vic works at BCRTC as a Senior Operations Planner and Analyst. He has over 33 years of leadership in the transit community and proven expertise in process improvement, project/program management, management and administration, organizational effectiveness, performance measurement, communications and other organization change management functions.

Ross Lockhart

Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart is an Associate Professor, St. Andrew’s Hall at The University of British Columbia.  He is the Director of Presbyterian Formation at The Vancouver School of Theology where he teaches courses in Worship, Polity, Evangelism, Church Planting and Catechesis.  Ross also teaches courses at Regent College and St. Mark’s College at UBC.  He is the founding Director of The Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall. Ross is author of Lessons from Laodicea:  Missional Leadership in a Culture of Affluence and Beyond Snakes and Shamrocks:  St. Patrick’s Missional Leadership Lessons for Today.  Ross lives in North Vancouver with his wife Laura and their three children where he serves as Minister-in-Association at St. Andrew’s/St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church.  

Audited Financial Statements

PDF file iconAudit Findings Report (pdf, 34.31 KB)
PDF file iconAudited Financial Statements (pdf, 3.76 MB)

See our audited financial statements in pdf above.

2019-20 Budget

PDF file icon2019-20 Budget (pdf, 125.01 KB)
2018-19 2019-20
Conference Revenue Budget Budget
Booth Space / Eq. Rental (for booths) 296,000 276,000
Discipleship Conference 0 0
Schl. F.T. / Yth / Club 67 28,000 26,000
Film Festival 5,000 4,000
Luncheons/Fundraising 7,500 12,000
Magazine/Online Advertising 55,000 40,000
Commissions/Rentals (Book table) 0 1,000
Conference Donations 50,000 38,000
Misc. / Parking Revenues (Includes: Coat Check, Bag Check) 3,000 2,000
     Sub-Total (Conf. Revenue) 444,500 399,000
Non Conference Revenue   
Non-Conf. Donations 25,000 30,000
Non-Conference Online Donations 15,000 30,000
Church Sponsorship 75,000 80,000
Audio/Video Sales 1,000 3,000
Government St. Empl. Grant 0 0
Special Events 0 1,000
Foundations 0 20,000
Miscellaneous Revenue    
     Sub-Total (Non-Conf. Revenue) 116,000 164,000
Bank/GIC Interest    
Total Revenue 560,500 563,000
Conference Expenses   
A/V / Lighting  45,000 55,000
Décor & Graphics 2,000 5,000
Facilities Rent 120,000 90,000
Furnishings Rent+Moving Exp (Includes wholesale cost of exhibitor furnishings) 22,000 24,000
Conference Marketing (Magazine/Bulletins/Tickets) 15,000 18,000
Luncheons/Fundraising 0 5,000
Travel/Lodging/Food (related to conference guests) 24,000 28,000
Honourariums/Gifts (related to conference guests) 16,000 20,000
Volunteer Appreciation 4,000 4,500
Parking/Shuttle 200 500
Film Festival  1,000 500
Audio/Video Editing & Production 4,000 1,000
     Sub-Total (Cost of Conf.) 253,200 251,500
Non-Conference Expenses   
Salaries & Benefits* 183,000 205,969
Non-Conference Travel/Lodging/Food 6,000 10,000
Non-Conf. Honorariums/Gifts 1,000 1,000
Non Conference Online Fundraising 1,000 1,000
Advertising & Printing (non-Conf.) 5,000 7,000
Office Operating (includes equipment and maintenance) 5,000 6,000
Office Rent 18,950 11,000
Media Development 4,000 10,000
Communications (Web hosting/Telephone) 4,000 3,500
Website Development + CRM 24,000 20,000
Postage 6,000 7,000
Professional Fees (Audit, Legal, Bookkeeping) 14,000 14,000
Special Events 1,000 1,000
Insurance 2,500 3,000
Development (Advertising & Printing)  1,000 3,000
Bank Charges 7,000 8,000
Amortization 0 0
     Sub-Total (Expenses) 283,450 311,469
Exchange Gain/Loss
Total Expenses 536,650 562,969
Net Revenue/Loss 23,850 31
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